Go ahead, they're actually quite entertaining. And each one represents a step in the learning process we've gone through. Since 2010, when we started making films, many people have lent us their talents. Working with a wide range of creative typess been one of the most rewarding things about this process. It's a collective effort, that's for sure!

The latest from Vocatus

Along with narrative filmmaking, I also do work for select business. The Academy of Community Theatre in Colorado Springs, CO commissioned me to produce a video for their sponsors; something to let people know who they are, what they do and how they can help ACT II continue to serve the Springs area youth through the creative arts. Not able to personally be in CO to shoot the interview footage, ACT hired local filmmaker Jamey Hastings to shoot that portion.


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mission statement

Vocatus Productions creates original storytelling through video. We do not strive to compete with other filmmakers but rather to maintain our own voice and encourage others to do the same. Our productions mix comedy and drama in a PG-13 environment. No nudity. Limited language and violence.

Vocatus works with people of all ages; people that cannot help but create stories - it's in their DNA.



vocātus m ‎(feminine vocāta, neuter vocātum); first/second declension

   1. calledinvoked, having been summoned.

   2. nameddesignated, having been named.

   3. having been brought into a state or condition.