Til the Earth


Ah me, a near miss.

This time we underestimated the weather and how quickly (and severely) it changes. Plus, it's difficult to shoot when halfway through one of your leads gets bruised up on her face due to a car wreck (it could have been so much worse!)

Anyway, that's when you gently put it on the shelf and spend the next few months looking at it there...staring at you...taunting you...daring you to give it a second try.

Why not? We can tighten the script, make it a smaller cast....maybe do green screen, right? It wouldn't be our first time having success on a second run! Stay tuned.

  Episode One

It's a coming of age story of a young fairy and the relationships within a small fairy community. Grobb is Nuthatch's 'mentor' - albeit a begrudging one. He didn't ask for a tag along but he does his best to guide her.


What we learned:

You have to move fast when you are shooting outdoors.

  Audition Promo

We knew we needed a good turnout at auditions and this really helped! It gave the actors a feeling for the setting, style and humor we just couldn't get across any other way. One afternoon of shooting gave us one of the best promo tools we could have asked for.


What we learned:

Sometimes the smallest crews have the best results!

  Cast Chat

A heavily booked day of shooting that got rained out twice! I couldn't just send everyone home so we gathered in the studio and rolled. We had great fun with improv in character and I cobbled together this little inside look into some of the relationships in Til the Earth.


What we learned:

Acoustics in the studio aren't great.