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   Tartarus Jenny? What does that even mean? Who cares! We got cool stories to tell, not one but four!!

   Cryptids? You're gonna have to look that one up, but they're cool. Unexpected fallout from well-loved fairy tales? Traumatized mice, anyone? Fairies trying to find their place in the world without bringing about their own demise? And who is the real victim in a castle full of animated pottery? Not the sweet lass, I can tell you!

Anyway, I could go on or you could just listen to one of our podcasts. Some are short, some are insanely long - Harbor, I'm looking at you, bud - but all are guaranteed to make you smile and help you forget your problems for awhile, just like any good story should.

The hills of North Carolina hold many surprises - thank goodness for the DOCA.

Ever After Files

Party's over, now what? Sometimes the fall-out from miracles can be a challenge.

coming spring 2020

Til the Earth

Fairies with issues - personal, professional, existential - perhaps you can relate?

coming fall 2020

Briar Rose

What looks like love and feels like love, isn't always love. Sometimes it's death.

coming spring 2021